[Public Works] Received leftover works on the Grand-Zambia-Kribi Roa

This early morning Friday marks another great moved induced by the Ministry of Public Works, Promise made must be implemented, according to the promises made by MINTP to transform the South region, is finally becomes a reality. It should be noted that the Ministry of Public Works today received the leftover work on the 53km Grand-Zambi-kiribi road in the Soutb region.

This morning Friday marked another great moved induced by the Ministry of Public Works. The Ministry of Public Works has received the leftover work on the 53km Grand-Zambi-kiribi road in the South region.

The partial reception was effectively carried out by the Director General of infrastructure, Mbole Mbole Benoit Parfait, a special representative of the Minister of Public Works, accompanied by his close collaborators alongside stakeholders involved in the project.
The works received this morning include a semi automatic weighing station and the biometric machine on PK 180+060.

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The semi automatic weighing station is at the PK180+450.
it’ is responsible for detecting the speed, weight of the car, the limits, tolerance and overload percentage.
In this case, if a vehicle is overloaded, a tolerant warning ⚠️ will be noted, and if it exceeds, a fine of 25,000frs will be levied, and the machine will automatically produced a receipt and the amount to be paid.
Going by the the biometric machine, this machine records all types of vehicles and the amount of vehicles passed per second, minutes and hours of the day, it’s transmits this information to the head office concerned.

On another note, this development will improve the safety and durability of roads and by so doing it will facilitate the work of the follow-up unit by transmitting information directly to the office. It will also reduce embezzlement.
According to the term of the contract, the construction works on the 53 kilometers long Grand-Zambi-Kribi Road, is the third link on the Yaounde-Kribi corridor, which plays a pivotal role in linking both the Centre and the South regions of Cameron with a proximate progress of 99℅ to completions.

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This construction project was handed over to Chinese Company CGCOC Group Co., Ltd which was formerly known as CGC Overseas Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Looking at what has been done, the wearing course has already been laid along the stretch of road, 116 airlocks have also been built and put into service as far as the hydraulic structures are concerned, almost 7 bridges have been completed and put to use, the scupper protection works has also been completed and all the bridges have been put into use.

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Some adjustments were recommended by MINTP representative, to readjust and redo some road signs that were not well mapped and other sections left out. On this, note, the Director General of road Infrastructure has instructed the construction company to complete signalisation works within weeks.

Photos Crédits: CELCOM MINTP

Roads, they say brings development. This stretch will foster accessibility of the deep-sea port of Kribi, help improve the competitiveness of products on internal and external markets and significantly reduce the overall transport costs and improve traffic from South Cameroon to neighboring countries.
The project will also facilitate the opening up of production areas within the highway, which will, in turn, create employment and therefore improve the standard of living of the residents.


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