Beach Party: An Animated and fun filled end of year at « Paradise of Water! »

It is always good to think of enjoying ones self, to give himself some pleasure no matter what happens. It is for this reason that every golden opportunity that presents itself has to be grabbed. With end of year festivities that are fast approaching,

SEME BEACH HOTEL has decided to restore old habits. As such, the administration of the hotel has relaunched its BEACH PARTY concept. An occasion given to everyone to have a memorable time because “we live only once”.


Some weeks ago we took part in an event that took place at Send Hotel. Effectively, not later than on the 27 November, SEME BEACH HOTEL, witnessed a great affluence as persons came from far and wide. The site was just like a beer hive. The BEACH PARTY was not leftover out since it constitutes part of the attractions. The many people that came spent quality time and appreciate “the paradise of water”.
Entertainment was not left out
As a part of the Beach Party, Seme Beach Hotel seeks to serve the people with activities that are entertaining and attractive. Various attractions were thus on programme:
Swimming competition
Dance competition
Karaoke competition
Best beach wear
koni games

As recarp, in beach handball, 08 teams were present at the start and it is the School team that imposed itself and as such won the sum of 60.000 FCFA. Concerning the Mini games, the winner got the sum of 10.000f in addition to a free night and a t-shirt. And lastly the winners of Football Free Style each left with a sum of 10.000 FCFA in addition of free night and t-shirts with Beach Party printed on it. There was thus a reason for gathering these persons and enticing them to come back. To give another chance to those who did not make it at the November 27 edition, SEME BEACH HÔTEL is organizing another Beach party in a few days to come. The next Beach party planned for December 18, 2021 will comprise 3 games:
Koni games: the winner will get a t-shirt and Mini game
Bikini Parade:
1st position = 50000frs + one free night + a Spa
2nd position =30000frs
3rd position = 20000frs
Table tennis tournament : the winger will get 30 000frs + 1 t-shirt + one free night.

Fabrice SIEWE

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